Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Walk in the Park

If you're in NYC for work and you happen to be above about 56th and find yourself with that elusive 1/2 hour or hour before your next meeting or dinner, take a walk in the park. Central Park is haven away from the frantic bustle and noise of Manhattan and no matter where you enter, there is something wonderful to explore.

If you enter more toward the south end of the park you can wander to the carousel which has been a park attraction since 1861.

Toward the center of the park - you'll find the Belvidere Castle with its two balconies giving you a birds eye view of the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond and Delacorte Theater

 That Imagine mosaic (honoring John Lennon) is located in Strawberry Fields near 72nd on the West side and if you're way up in the Upper East side, you can roam the Conservatory Gardens.

There are hundreds of things to see in the park but you don't need to have an attraction in mind, just get out of the hotel, put on your walking shoes and enter the magic of Central Park. Wherever you roam, you'll feel like you're a million miles away from your hectic day and be prepared for the next meeting.

What's your favorite site in Central Park?

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